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Tibia version: 8.6
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We pull locks up to 50 reborn, but from 45 you will have to use Time Machine.

Other Updates

- Added boss island with new additions (rare items available)
-New items have been added to the Hunting Shop.
-Added new monsters and raids (including bosses)
-We built a new city of China-Town
-New Forest Legs quest has been added!
-New rune for paladin grants mane and hp.
-Fixed "Exeta Res, Exura Gran Mas Res" and optimized other spells.
-New spell for knight "Exori Tar"
-The item protection has been changed.
-Translated npc from the event to English.

EVENT 14.11.2020

13:30 - Bosses in the coloseum
14:00 - Clearing for large and small reborns
14:15- GIFT
14:30 - Hide and seek
15:00 - Auction Backpack
15:15 - Bring the items and you will receive a reward
16:00 - Hidden gifts
16:30 - A gift for everyone
17:00 - Fight for the spec + reward for the winners
17:30 - Guess the artist or the song title
18:00 - End with a gift

For the duration of the event:The frequency of raids is increased x2. Until the end of the day there will also be! TRIPLE CASH!
Posted by Admin on 14 Nov 2020
UnitedOTS.FUN International Version

START 30 OCTOBER 2020 5.00PM(GMT+1)!

It is known, that popularity of Tibia is decreasing as time goes on, however during the 7th edition of You continued to surprise us with your activity on the server, breaking the records of online players hundreds by hundreds. You've created 5844 characters on 5040 account - We want to thank you for such a high score! Today we would like to introduce to you a new project UnitedOTS.Fun on which we've been working on for months! Server will be on under an international name - You can choose from the languages: Polish, English or Portuguese. After many long and stormy conversations and listening to your requests, we decided to adapt the server to your ideas. We encourage all old and new players as well to play together on one of the best 4Fun server - 30 october 2020 - this opportunity may not happen again!

What's new?:

- New events, quests, tasks, monsters and exp areas specially created for a new project UnitedOTS.Fun
- In this edition, we decided to introduce reborn gates for the events so each player will have equal chances to win! And there is a lot to fight for, majority of prizes will be from SMS Shop.
- Private chat "Loot Chanel" where looted items will be displayed but also the amount of hunted mobs.
- Reborn every 400000 lvl, starting from 1 reborn!
- New cities, raids and tasks from NPC.
- Corrected balans, reduced reborn waiting time.
- New support team who will make sure of the server development, forum but also meet and keep in touch with new players.

- IP:
- PORT : 7171
- Version : 8.60
- Offical forum

- 0 - 20 000 x 200000
- 20 000 - 70 000 x 200000
- 70 000 - 200 000 x 200000
- 200 000 - 300 000 x 200000
- 300 000 - 400 000 x 200000
- SKILLS x 8
- MLVL x 8
- Guilds from 1 lvl!
- PVP from 100000 lvl
- Houses from 60000 lvl
- Reborn at 400000 lvl! We start from 1 reborn!
- RS from 15 frags! (Easily ailable remove skulls)

The original map, made by United team with the unique continent!

On the map are scattered hidden exps and quests.

Seek and you will find exp! In our united world are hidden statues which add level!

Fly through our world to discover new cities and with them new missions and unknown monsters, and of course many of large, stylish mansions!

- Cast System - thus you can show others how you are playing!
- Own client of Tibia - you don't have to use IP Loader!
- Unique professions!
- Perfect balance - much better than in previous edition!
- Polished site - on our site you can find every useful informations.
- Referal system - recommend our server and be rich!
- PVP Arenas - face with the other player without concern about the level!
- Addon System - collect items and capture new addons!
- Task System - do missions and just waiting for you attractive prizes!
- Daily Task - every day new missions with valuable awards!
- Warn System - total order on Help canal, lack of complaints about the Tutors!
- More than 200 exps and 100 quests, including hidden ones!
- About 10 raids per day!
- Play and capture the special achievements!
- Fly Ring System - You can fly!
- Trade of characters - buy or sell character for premium points.
- Wars between guilds!
- Kill System. Kill the other players and capture the new ranks, and with them the exclusive prizes!
- Contract Killer - you can commission the murder of another player! When one of the players kills your target, he will get the reward.
- And much,much more. Create character and discover all of the attractions, that we have prepared for you!

- Thematic events - on the occasion of special social events on our glade adapted for every player, appears thematic creatures from which you can get items from shop.
- Castle War - defend King and get private exp! the event takes place every day!
- Drunk run event - race of drunk players!
- Swim event - will win the fastest and the best swimmer on the OTS.
- Firestorm event - if you will avoid the fire, you win!
- Zombie event - watch out for ZOMBIE!
- Last Man Standing - wins the most tenacious or the most clever fighter!
- Special Exp - daily fight between guilds! The winners can enjoy access to private, special exp!
- Football event - it's time for Tibian football!
- Capture the flag - two teams and try to capture the flag your opponents!
- Defend the base - two teams, protect your base, win the team, which as the first raise the base of the opponents team.
- Happy Hour - daily at different times of the day, temporarily is increased exp and points for SMS!

Create account now and begin your wonderful adventure!


Posted by Admin on 15 Oct 2020
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